Remedy Booch Delivered to Your Door!

Woman carrying a case of Remedy Kombucha

Calling out to all US Remedy Lovers!

You can now buy Australia’s favorite kombucha via our new one-stop online shop!

We heard your pleas, and instead of making you scour the grocery stores in hunt of your fave flaves, we have made it oh so easy for you to keep your fridge to that golden ratio of 50% food, 50% Remedy. In just a few easy clicks, you can have delicious booch delivered straight to your door (BOO-YAH!). So, get shopping and peruse the Remedy range to your heart and gut’s content. Stock up on your old school faves and discover our newbies because you’ll be jonesing for a Remedy once you do!

But why choose Remedy?

We know you’ve heard of other kombucha brands, but we follow a traditional method of making our booch here at Remedy. It involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea with a live culture (aka ‘good bacteria’), made in small batches and long-aged brewed for 30 days, using only the best natural ingredients. The result is a sparkling drink with sweet and sour flavors that is naturally free from sugar, and chock-full of antioxidants, live cultures and organic acids. Trust us – you can TASTE the quality.

Every single batch of Remedy uses a descendent of the first culture that our founders Sarah and Emmet Condon started with on their kitchen counter, resulting in an extremely strong and healthy live culture within each drink. This is one of the key reasons that, unlike some kombucha brands, Remedy doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge – and why you’ll find it in the soda aisle at your local supermarket. We’re also low in calories and the perfect pick-me-up without any of the nasties!