Remedy Kombucha can next to bowl of popcorn and someone watching tv

Putting The “Fun” Back In Functional Drinks

“What in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a functional drink, and why are they everywhere right now?”

If this is you, you’re not alone. Our DMs are bubbling over with questions about functional beverages, so we thought we’d take this educational journey ol’ school with a blog.

Unlike a traditional blog-a-thon, we’re going to keep this short and sweet. A cheat sheet of sorts. Only giving you the absolute need-to-know facts so you can make the best choice about what you’re putting into your bod.

What is a functional drink?

According to super scholarly resources (ahem, Wikipedia), a functional beverage is a conventional liquid food marketed to highlight specific product ingredients or supposed health benefits.


In our own Remedy-fied words, they’re drinks that claim to be good for something: your gut, your brain, your immune system – the list goes on.

What kinds of functional drinks are there?

The list is endless, friends. From these newfangled “nootropics” that claim to optimize your brain function to the ol’ classic no-sugar, good-for-your-gut bevvies we know and love, there’s no end in sight to the kinds of functional drinks on the market these days.

Do functional drinks actually do what they say they’ll do?

As the classics say, yeah, nah / nah, yeah. It all depends on the bevvie.

We can’t speak to what other functional drinks are claiming to offer, but we know our bevvies are jam-packed full of high-quality organic ingredients known to have functional benefits.

Remedy Kombucha is packed with live cultures, organic acids and tea polyphenols (aka antioxidants).

Remedy Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) contains apple cider vinegar, which can be great for digestion.

Remedy Energy has green coffee bean extract and ginseng, which can have a more lasting, enduring impact than other caffeine sources.

Functional bevvies are our kinds of bevvies. Next time you’ve got a cranky gut, need a caffeine hit without the crash or want a tasty, no sugar bevvie, remember:

There’s a Remedy for that 😉